Efficient and Honest Work 

CLAS standards require that interpreters and translators are provided for persons seeking healthcare, when necessary or if requested. However, there are a few challenges: 1) quality and integrity of persons providing this service and most importantly, 2) honoring this request.

Supporting organizations that not only provide interpreting services but work in fidelity to ensure the information delivered to all parties is accurate and held in confidential is a MUST. The Empower Interpretation Services of CNY understands patient and healthcare providers concerns and works effectively to maintain patient autonomy (because some interpreters have taken it upon themselves to decide on behalf of the patients) and confidentiality. 

Since our founding, Empower Interpretation Services of CNY thrive for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what service you are looking for, we guarantee to not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction.


We offer interpretation and document translations, below you will find languages we currently offer.

Amheric                                      Dari                              French                                  Kinyarwanda                               Nepali                              Swahili     

Bengali                                        Dinka                           Hindu                                    KirundiMassalit                          Oromo                             Tigrinya 

Burmese                                      Dinka Bor                    Italian                                    Maay Maay                                  Somali                             Urdu

Catalan                                        Egypt Arabic               Karen                                    Moroccan Arabic                        Spanish                           Vietnamese

Colombian Spanish                    Farsi                              Kinyamulenge                      Mzugua                                        Sudan Arabic                             


Simultaneous Interpretation

 Empower Interpretation Services of CNY to not only meet your needs, but exceed all your needs and requests. We will come to your court hearing, hospital, doctor appointment and social service appointments.  


Medical Translation  

Medial Translations are documents prepared from healthcare fields with the aim of providing medical details, information, or instructions to the patients with the aim of improving their healthcare situation.


Empower Interpretation Services has certified interpreters who are trained in the field of medicine to offer translations and interpretation to assist patients and caregivers interact with health professionals effectively and efficiently without a language barrier.


We provide:

- Face-to-face translation

- Phone interpretation

- Video-Call

- Document translations

At affordable prices.

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Legal Translation

Empower Interpretation Services has qualified interpreters who can assist you in bridging the language barrier between the legal system and the clients who cannot express themselves in the English Language.


We have competent translators who understand the legal terminologies from English to the target language. We offer various types of legal translations and interpretations such as:

- Face-to-face translations

- Document translations

- Phone-interpretation

- Video-chat interpretation


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